Stephen Guthrie – Founder & CEO

Stephen Guthrie is the founder and CEO of EnerPath, formerly Energy Controls & Concepts, and brings more than 20 years experience with energy efficiency to the company. Mr. Guthrie is a recognized leader developing technology based solutions for the management of energy efficiency programs and a contributor to many manufacturing and utility sponsored research projects. He has developed various innovative software programs designed to enhance program delivery in the marketplace. Mr. Guthrie is responsible for overseeing all management personnel and activities of the companies, which include program and project development, and both the consulting arm and construction arm of EnerPath. Mr. Guthrie was founder and former president of the Inland Empire Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM) as well as a member and former chapter president of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNA).

Paul Smith – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Smith has more than 20 years of corporate leadership experience with consumer, business and technological product companies both domestically and internationally. He is a past CFO of Charter Baking, an $80M consumer products company, Sensient Technology Color Group, a $400M industrial and consumer products public company, and several other consumer products companies. He was also a financial manager at Intel Corporation and Deloitte & Touche. He earned his MBA at Santa Clara University and his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Oregon.

Janina Guthrie – Treasurer

Janina Guthrie has been with EnerPath since its inception and is a major shareholder of the company. Ms. Guthrie has overall responsibility for the company, managing the day-to-day financial operations, reviewing program activities, and overseeing Human Resources. Ms. Guthrie is responsible for hiring all management staff for EnerPath. She has an extensive accounting background in financial management, having managed multiple accounts for Selective Group, a large real estate development company. Ms. Guthrie attended Crafton Hills College and received her Associate’s Degree in accounting from Cal State San Bernardino.

Jonathan Baty – Vice President of Technology

Jonathan Baty is a principal in EnerPath and has been engaged in energy efficiency with the company for over 19 years. He is regarded as an expert in his field and is respected for his talents in developing highly-effective energy efficiency programs. He is currently in charge of feasibility studies, program development and emerging technology research and review. He has worked collaboratively with agencies to develop case studies of EnerPath’s innovative, energy efficiency deployment approaches. Mr. Baty has authored articles for various lighting publications. He is the former Vice President of the Inland Empire Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM) and is a Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) by the International Association of Lighting Management Companies. Mr. Baty graduated with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder - Department of Civil Engineering-Architectural Engineering.

Joseph Hui – Vice President of Operations

Mr. Hui has been an integral part of the EnerPath team for seven years, using his 20 years of energy efficiency experience to manage and carry out EnerPath projects. Mr. Hui is responsible for project operations, development and management. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry as a former Regional Development Manager and Director of West Coast Development/National Development Team Leader for Enron, as a former Senior Project Manager for Noresco and as a former Project Manager for Proven Alternatives. Mr. Hui holds a L.C. certification from the National Council for the Qualification of Lighting Professionals, is a senior member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is a member of the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) and hold General Construction and Electrical licenses in various states.

Paul Gomez – Vice President of Software Development

Mr. Gomez has more than 16 years experience designing and developing complex software solutions and is responsible for the design, development and support of EnerPath's software and systems. Mr. Gomez’s focus is on enterprise architecture, strategic IT planning and technical product development. Prior to joining EnerPath, Mr. Gomez was co-founder of ThinkBox Solutions, a consultancy focused on enterprise architecture, strategic IT planning and technical product development. His past work also included mission-critical systems implementation projects for Harvard Medical School, Hewlett Packard, PC Connection,, Fidelity Investments and several other major clients. Mr. Gomez holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management.

Steve Fisch – Vice President of Sales

Mr. Fisch provides leadership and guidance for EnerPath's field operations and business development activities from EnerPath’s East Coast offices in Cambridge, MA. Prior to joining EnerPath, Mr. Fisch was a Senior Executive in Fortune 1000 category leaders including MDIS, Prime Computer and Computervision. He was president, COO and CEO of dynamic early stage, high tech companies and created over $1B in shareholder value. Mr. Fisch’s industry experience encompasses discrete manufacturing, energy and other process industries: defense, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, banking, and consumer products at companies such as Urban Interactive, Virtual Access Networks, Boeing, Prime Computer and IONA Technology. Mr. Fisch earned his BSEE Degree from Tufts University and his MBA from Temple University.

Steve Meyers – Vice President of Strategy

Steven Meyers has been a recognized, international leader in the energy efficiency industry for 15 years and has worked with EnerPath since 2003. He oversees both the Strategy Development of the firm and the Marketing department. Mr. Meyers has been an officer at two publicly-traded energy companies, worked in Deutsche Bank’s Energy Trading Group, and did research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Prior to EnerPath, Mr. Meyers led the conceptualization and management of an Energy Service Company. Mr. Meyers has published peer-reviewed articles and has presented at over a dozen conferences and global meetings as an invited speaker or panelist. Mr. Meyers served as a member of the Technical Committee of the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol Organization and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s National Solutions Council. He received his Master’s in Energy Finance and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and his Master’s in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Haverford College.

Stephen Guthrie
Founder & CEO
Paul Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Janina Guthrie
Jonathan Baty
Vice President of Technology
Joseph Hui
Vice President of Operations
Paul Gomez
Vice President of Software Development
Steve Fisch
Vice President of Sales
Steve Meyers
Vice President of Strategy

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