Southern California Edison (SCE), Palm Desert: Set-to-Save In late 2007, EnerPath was awarded the Palm Desert community program after the incumbent SCE contractor said the commercial market was saturated. Despite this, EnerPath installed efficiency measures in 860 small businesses and 6,080 households (~20% of households) by partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, Schools, Senior Centers, The Energy Coalition and homeowner associations. EnerPath generated annual savings of 28.2 million kWh. This program was supported by $10.3 million of utility funds that were leveraged with an additional $1 million in customer co-payments and $7.4 million in PACE Financing (AB-811 in California) which resulted in a total of $19 million invested in energy efficiency. EnerPath continues to deliver cost effective electric and gas energy savings measures which include lighting, pool pumps and heaters, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads and HVAC tune-ups in the residential market. In the commercial market, these include lighting, refrigerator and case cover gaskets, strip curtains and HVAC tune-ups. Acting as the face of the utility and developing a co-payment structure, EnerPath has achieved incredible participation in variable-flow pool pump upgrades. EnerPath’s delivery methods and marketing of the city’s financing through CA-AB-811 (PACE Financing) have driven impressive spillover investments (e.g. hundreds of customers spent $30 for every $1 spent by the program) by SCE customers. Palm Desert recently was named one of five top cities on the leading edge of energy efficiency in the U.S. by Ralph Cavanagh, director of energy for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Small Business
Direct Install Program

EnerPath is currently implementing a small business lighting program for the LADWP. To date, EnerPath has enrolled 26,000 customers in just 24 months (including ramp-up) saving LADWP and its customers 92 million kWh per year and 27MW of peak demand. EnerPath has outperformed all other contractors also working on this program and has achieved near 100% saturation in the assigned area installing lighting and lighting controls. Savings will continue to accrue in expanded areas for this $50 million, 3-year project. EnerPath has also provided lead generation identifying roughly 9,000 HVAC tune-ups and 6,000 programmable thermostats. Our door-to-door marketing approach effectively installs efficiency upgrades at over 98% of all the sites audited with over 99% customer satisfaction to date.

Southern California Edison, Summer Initiative Program

In 2005, EnerPath mobilized in less than five weeks to install $3.2 million of high-efficiency lighting technologies in small and medium businesses. Despite a tight market for contractor resources in California at the time, EnerPath was able to call on its sub-contractor network and achieved the program’s objective both on schedule and on budget. EnerPath’s standardized process supported rapid ramp-up and real-time monitoring of the program and achieved savings of 13.8 million kWh per year and 3.1 MW peak in installations in 2,480 hard to reach commercial businesses in less than 16 weeks.

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU), Residential Electric & Gas Main Street Efficiency Project

Since 2003, EnerPath has delivered energy efficiency to over 1,800 small business customers for RPU. EnerPath has been able to integrate water, gas and electric efficiency measures. For one program, EnerPath surveyed customers and provided turnkey services for multiple measures include CFL replacements, HVAC tune-ups and hot water efficiency measures. The $180,000 program was completed in less than 60 days after the contract was awarded and energy efficiency measures were installed in 394 homes.

Southern California Edison, Appliance Recycling

Since 2007, EnerPath’s software has processed over 250,000 recycling transactions for SCE residential customers as part of SCE’s Appliance Recycling program (one of SCE’s largest programs). In 2008, EnerPath introduced Lead Generator into SCE’s Appliance Recycling program and to date has identified roughly 60,000 leads to help support the Summer Initiative Demand Response Program. SCE has seen high levels of customer satisfaction. In October of 2009, the California Public Utilities Commission recognized the scalability of this program and directed all investor owned utilities to adopt EnerPath’s Appliance Recycling Program Workflow Optimization Platform.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA), Canada, Appliance Recycling

Since 2007, the Appliance Recycling Center of America (ARCA) has used EnerPath’s software throughout the OPA territory to track refrigerator recycling. Ninety electrical distributors use individually branded reports generated by EnerPath’s system and have recycled over 100,000 refrigerators to date. This program is projected to last 4 years and to recycle 400,000 refrigerators for OPA.

New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric

In May 2010, NYSEG and RG&E launched a Small Business Energy Efficiency Program for their under 100 kW customers. EnerPath is currently administering the $22 million program which will focus on upgrading inefficient lighting in small businesses across New York State.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), MainStreet Efficiency Program

In mid-2012, EnerPath was selected by TVA to administer its small business, direct install, lighting program. The program, titled MainStreet Efficiency, launched in January 2013 within the Knoxville Utilities Board’s service territory, serving business customers with a demand of no more than 50 kilowatts. This initial pilot program is anticipated to continue through September 2014. Expansion of the program to TVA’s other power distributors is underway.

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