January 10, 2013

TVA Program Offers Business Incentives
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July 26, 2012

EnerPath Awarded Renewal of Small Business Direct Install Contract by NYSEG and RG&E
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October 22, 2011

The Economist
Clean Power- Back to basics
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October 11, 2011

Small-Business Owners in Sullivan County, New York Saving Big with NYSEG Energy Efficiency Program
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April 29, 2011

NYSEG website
NYSEG and RG&E Help 2,500 Small Businesses Save 19 Million Kilowatt-hours of Electricity
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March 30, 2011

EnerPath Strengthens Communities Around the Country With Energy Efficiency Programs
Utility companies across the country are turning to California-based EnerPath to run energy efficiency programs and reduce their electricity demand.
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March 21, 2011

EnerPath's Steven Meyers to speak at AESP Spring Conference
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March 9, 2011

ACEEE profiles the San Antonio City Lights Program which EnerPath is deploying
The City of San Antonio created the City Lights program to provide meaningful financial incentives and technical assistance for lighting improvements targeted to small businesses.
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February 2, 2011

Steven Meyers, Vice President of Strategy, invited to speak at University of Texas Energy Forum
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January 25, 2011

NYSEG and RG&E expand energy efficiency program to 11 additional counties
NYSEG and RG&E are expanding an already-successful Small Business Energy Efficiency Program to 11 new counties in New York State.
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January 15, 2011

EnerPath taking part in AESP National Conference
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December 16, 2010

EnerPath strengthens communities around the country with energy efficiency programs
Utility companies across the country are turning to California-based EnerPath to run energy efficiency programs and reduce their electricity demand.
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November 17, 2010

NYSEG and RG&E's Small Business Energy Efficiency Program: 7.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity saved and 3,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year eliminated
NYSEG's and RG&E's Small Business Energy Efficiency Programs are quickly gaining in popularity.
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November 6, 2010

Stephen Guthrie, EnerPath CEO, invited to speak at Advanced Energy 2011 in New York
In the span of just four years, Advanced Energy has evolved into the premier conference of its kind in the northeast, and outgrown its original venue.
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October 22, 2010

EnerPath and several clients invited to speak at the Chartwell EMACS forum in San Diego
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October 21, 2010

Stephen Guthrie, EnerPath CEO, and EnerPath client invited to speak at the American Public Power Association Conference in California
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October 10, 2010

Steven Meyers, Vice President of Strategy, to present at Colorado Utility Efficiency Exchange
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October 4, 2010

EnerPath takes part in AESP Fall Conference
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May 26, 2010

NYSEG and RG&E Launch Program to Help Small Business Customers Save Energy and Money
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April 08, 2010

Huntington Will Help 2,000 Homes Become Energy Efficient Using EnerPath Software
Additional coverage on the Huntington, Long Island energy efficiency program
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December 09, 2009

Energy Efficiency Takes Center Stage
EnerPath Services Brings Savings to Over 27,000 L.A. Small Businesses Through LADWP Program.
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October 20, 2009 <

Achieving Large Scale Energy-Efficiency
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August 31, 2009

EnerPath helps LA Reduce Energy and Water Use at Record Levels
In the midst of a California summer and a third year water shortage, Los Angeles residents, businesses and government have worked together to reduce water usage at record levels for the second consecutive month in addition to a cut in energy use.
According to a laist.com article, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced August 26 that the city had reduced its energy and water use at record levels thanks to a number of recently implemented programs.
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May 19, 2009

Enerpath Program Honored at Annual Efficiency Expo Redlands, CA:The City of Palm Desert was honored at Southern California Gas Company's Energy Efficiency Expo on May 19, 2009. The 4th annual event was titled "Energy Efficiency: An Answer to a Weak Economy" and took place at the Energy Resource Center in Downey, California.
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May 18, 2009

Enerpath Finalist For Energy Efficiency Award
Redlandood by neighborhood, and make a campaign out of a cleaner, greener community. All the data, businesses and homes visited, energy savings, Co2 reductions, dollars spent, and jobs created are reported to a database and dashboard for all the stakeholders, such as the utility, local government and state government to meet and exceed the federal transparency and accountability requirements of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program.
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